Course -
Water Management in Urban Areas

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Course Level: Master

Master course on design and planning of the urban water management system. It deals with fluxes and processes in water and soil. Furthermore, aspects of water management policy development are discussed. Study Goals: Knowledge of basic principles and overall relations in (design and planning of) urban water management systems.

Three aspects of water management in urban areas are addressed.
1) relevant processes: Pathways and fluxes of water in the urban environment; urban water balances; urban climate; ground and surface water regimes; urban desiccation; consequences of urbanization for river basin and polder hydrology; interaction of urban and rural water systems. Quality of stormwater, groundwater and surface water; sources of pollution; behaviour and degradation of pollutants. Ecological quality and processes; relation with chemistry and hydromorphology of urban water courses. Land subsidence, land filling and interaction with water ground- and surface water management.

2)design: Functions of urban surface waters, groundwater and wastewater; functions of urban surfaces. Design standards and how to assess these for water quantity and quality; design loads, design storms and design series; statistics and risks; storage � design discharge frequency relations. Design procedures for stormwater, surface water and groundwater drainage, land filling, subsidence and its interactions. Operational control of surface water and groundwater. Design of water quality management in urban surface waters. Stormwater infiltration facilities and their design aspects. Building site preparation, constructive aspects, transport and accessibility of the terrain, working conditions for building. Maintenance and its effects on drainage design.

3) planning and management: Planning process management; target oriented planning; guiding principles and process oriented approach procedures; collaborative planning of urban drainage projects. Waterwise spatial and urban planning. Urban water management plans, spatial planning and urbanism.

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