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The videos will not load for me.

Hi, I just signed up to watch some of these lectures, and they don't seem to load and play on my linux system, using Firefox 17. For instance if I go to


The page loads fine, the video box appears as a black box, I have javascript enabled, but nothing loads. If I right click on the properties of the video box, it reports "video not loaded".

Anyone else experience this?

Thanks, zentara

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Sorry, I figured it out. A

Sorry, I figured it out. A Flash Blocker module, called Flashblock, which works fine at youtube, seems to block this sites video. I disabled the module and it works fine now.

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Where I can download latest version of XRumer?

Hello all
XRumer 7.0.12 become too old now
This version of program not effective at the moment :(

Where I can download latest, actual version of XRumer?
Thank you!

P.S By the way, price of the XRumer after 5.01.2013 will grow up to $650...
Therefore, if anybody want to resell this, write me on PM or Skype Mr.Marcustix84


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I think the uploader had faul

I think the uploader had faul on that the settings of the video.

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hey there, if you want to

hey there, if you want to prevent pages from running scripts, ads and flash, use adblock. adblock wont affect regular "clean" content so videos will work for you.
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