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Total Abdominal Hysterectomy Procedure

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Course Level: Senior

Viewer discretion is advised: Some medical content is graphic and may not be suitable for all viewers. This is a series of videos about Total Abdominal Hysterectomy from Prof. Richard Adanu (University of Ghana) and Prof. Cary Engleberg (University of Michigan)
This module is meant primarily for medical students but may also be useful for residents and health practitioners. The module includes three interactive case studies with some background information as well as discussion of possible post-surgery complications, narrated video clips of each stage the total abdominal hysterectomy procedure, and a self-assessment on the procedure.Any medical information in this material is intended to inform and educate and is not a tool for self-diagnosis or a replacement for medical evaluation, advice, diagnosis or treatment by a healthcare professional. Please speak to your physician if you have questions about your medical condition.

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