Course -
Process Dynamics and Controls

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Course Level: Senior

As a practicing chemical engineer, you will be faced with the task of doing things reliably in an uncertain world and with imperfect understanding. In this course we will show you a variety of approaches to reduce or manage this uncertainty through the use of robust designs, dynamic systems theory, nonlinear dynamics, control theory, and statistics.The structure of the course this year has been changed significantly to accommodate a more flexible and interactive learning environment. The primary difference in this course is that lectures have been (and are being) pre-recorded so that they can be viewed at any time via the web or pod cast. Recording lectures provides you with two advantages: (1) flexibility and (2) better use of time. With a recorded lecture, you can watch the lectures whenever you like, wherever you like, at any speed you like, and as many times as you like. With lecture time moved to outside of the course, we can allocate the time we have in the scheduled class meeting time for interactive work and smaller group question and answer sessions.

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