Lecture 2 - The Standard Atmosphere

Introduction to Aerospace Engineering I

TU Delft

In this lecture the nature of our atmosphere is explored. First the excelsior missions are given as an example of the atmospheric conditions at the edge of space. This is followed by an analysis of the properties of the atmosphere at different altitudes, and how this affects flight. A relation between the geometric and the geopotential altitude is then derived, and atmospheric properties at a given altitude are derived as an excercise.

Lecture 2 - The Solar Resource

Fundamentals of Photovoltaics


Lecture 2 - The Heart of the Theory

Non Equilibrium Thermodynamics

TU Delft

Lecture 12 - Material Physics and Properties

Introduction to Aerospace Engineering II

TU Delft

Lecture 7 - Summary and Internal Forces

Offshore Hydromechanics II

TU Delft

Lecture 2 - The Subsoil (Part 2)

Use of Underground Space

TU Delft