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Integrated Water Management

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Course Level: Master

The course Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) consists of the following elements:1)A series of lectures; 2)Supervised computer lab exercises; 3)Unsupervised modeling exercise; 4)A role-play; 5)Group presentations.

The lectures introduce a number of topics that are important for IWRM and the modeling exercise. The lectures introduce water management issues in the Netherlands, Rhine Basin, and Volta Basin. The role-play is meant to experience some of the social processes that, together with technical knowledge, determine water management.

For the modeling exercise, the class will be divided in several groups of 5 to 6 persons. Each group will model a set of integrated water resources management issues and simulate possible development scenario's. Two of the problem sets are: 1)Heating up of the Rhine due to climate change; 2)The effects of small reservoirs for irrigation in the Volta basin. In addition, there is room for different cases, to be discussed during the first lecture. The simulation exercise and the reporting should incorporate the concerns of the groups that are mostly affected by the issue and the groups that can contribute most to its resolution. The report on the modeling exercise should contain concrete recommendations.

The main modeling software to be used is WEAP, which has been developed by SEI-Boston. Students of CT4450 can use this software for the duration of one year.

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