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Does anyone know what is the mechanism for gram (+) bacteria to cause disease? or how to find it

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Bacteria generally cause

Bacteria generally cause disease either by secreting toxins to the organism or by causing inflammation/ immune reaction which itself destroys the organ/ tissue. Gram (+) bacteria is a very broad category of pathogens which may be split into aerobs and anaerobs which are further split according to their shape. There is no unifying pattern in which they cause disease, each type of pathogen secretes its own toxins and has different antigens on it which trigger the immune system to produce a response. Generally Gram (+) bacteria usually activate TLR2 which then initiates a chemokine IL-8 responce and then further activation is done through PAMPs.

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Thanks for good heart of

Thanks for good heart of guiding and teaching us in this course
but dear am very stuck on this course because i have began today 26/10/2013 I donot when it is ending

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The infections are some

The infections are some times bacteria and fungi that result into germs and virus to cause terrible disease that can be cured or not

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face book address : mubbaka Abdul

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To find the bacteria

To find the bacteria infections is by visiting hospitals for further information

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The infection is the invasion

The infection is the invasion of organisms by bacteria, fungi ,virus and germs to cause diseases
and the gram+ bacteria are blue coci in staining and if is impossible tested, complete blood count

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Ya you are right mubbaka that

Ya you are right mubbaka that infection is caused by germs and bacteria. One of my patient used to get regular infection as he eats a lot of outside stuffs and at last he got problems of cellulite and overweight. Now I suggested him some measures to deal with cellulite, overweight and infection such as to drink boil water with one snoop of honey.


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Like in Hepatitis A, The

Like in Hepatitis A, The hepatitis A virus is found in the feces of infected persons. The virus is usually spread from person to person by putting something in the mouth that has been contaminated with the feces of a person with hepatitis A. The virus is more easily spread under poor sanitary conditions and when good personal hygiene is not practiced. The virus can also be transmitted through oral and anal sexual activity.

People can get hepatitis A by drinking contaminated water or eating raw and undercooked shellfish harvested from contaminated water. Fruits and vegetables or other foods can become contaminated during handling. However, working with an infected person, for example sharing an office, does not pose the risk for hepatitis A.

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