Course -
Human Biology

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Course Level: Freshman

This course describes in detail the human biology and is divided into four sections.

The first section is about circulatory and pulmonary systems (Lectures 1-4). As humans, we really like breathing oxygen. That's because the cells in our body will die if they don't get oxygen to function in a reasonable amount of time. This tutorials describes how we use the lungs to exchange gasses between our blood and the atmosphere and how the oxygen is then pumped through the body by way of blood and the circulatory system.

The second section refers to the neurone and nervous system (Lectures 5-10). Neurons are the primary way that our bodies transmit signals from one part to another quickly. In this tutorial, we'll explore the anatomy of a neuron and the mechanism by which a signal is actually transmitted through one.

The third section talks about the kidney and nephron (Lecture 11-12). How do we get unwanted substances out of our blood? Through the kidney. This tutorial goes into some detail to describe just how this happens.

The fourth and final section focuses on muscles (Lectures 13-16). Without muscles, we wouldn't be able to do much of anything. This tutorial begins to explore what muscle cells are and how they contract in order to move our bodies (or do things like breath and pump blood).

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