The site is organized in a manner that allows all users to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. It is not necessary for the user to know the name or title of what he is looking for, since he can use other information to assist him with his search.

Search function:
The simplest way to find what you are looking for is by the usage of the search function.
The user types simple keywords in relation to what he is looking for. A list of videos is presented according to these keywords.
This method of search can be the fastest one, given that the search is straightforward and not too convoluted. Nevertheless, if the user desires to locate something more complex and specific he may have to use the basic menu.

Basic Menu:
The basic menu helps the user find what he is looking for by containing information such as universities, subjects, courses and professors. This information is listed for the user in a drop down menu. The user can select one of these in order to make his search. For example, by knowing a name of a professor, the user will find the videos and lectures that are related to or made by this professor.
By selecting one of these, the user will be transferred to another page where a series of videos will be presented to him. By clicking on the video that he wants to watch, the user will be transferred to the video page.

Graphic view or "Campus":
On the front page the user can see a graphic view of the contents consisted of the basic menu. Each building stands for a different subject. For example, a user may want to find an engineering course. He has to select the engineering building. In the next page he comes upon several doors with each one of them representing a different course. By selecting the course that he is interested in, he then arrives at the page where the lectures are listed. The user can choose any of the search methods enlisted above according to his convenience.

Video Page:
The video page provides the user with a vast range of other related functions. Firstly, the user can choose to watch the next or the previous video on the same course that he has already selected, by the use of the buttons displayed below the video. He can also use the space below in order to post any comments that he might want to. On the right hand side of the page the user has the option of selecting notes, quizzes or any other related material, which are directly linked to the video that he is currently watching. By clicking, for example, in the notes, a drop down menu is appeared containing the notes of that particular lecture.

The contents of the site are free for every user. However, the user can become a member and have more flexibility over the material he is interested in. Most importantly, becoming a member to the website is very easy and free of charge.
By becoming a member the user can post comments, or follow discussions and exchange ideas in the forum section of the site. To become a member click the "Register" button on the front page. Select carefully a username and a password that you will never forget. By following the above steps you have become a member.

Every user can access the forums in order to exchange ideas or enquiries about the material he is concerned and in relation to the content of the open academy website. The forum section of the website can be accessed by clicking on "Forum" on the basic menu of the site. Then the user comes across different topics that are currently discussed inside the forum. He can either take part in these discussions by clicking on the topics, or he can even start a new discussion by clicking on the "new" button.