Art History

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
Pablo Picasso


Christian Themes in Art

by Gresham College

This is the most difficult of all Christian themes to convey in visible form and the early church approached it with proper reticence. Whilst the Western Church developed an over-literalistic image, the Orthodox Church gave it a powerful symbolic rendering. The 20th century, with its massive suffering, found this hopeful theme particularly problematic.

1600-1700: The Baroque

by Khan Academy

The baroque videos between 1600-1700.

1500-1600: End of the Renaissance and the Reformation

by Khan Academy

End of the renaissance and the reformation videos, 1500-1600.

1700-1800: Age of Enlightenment

by Khan Academy

Age of enlightenment videos between 1700 and 1800.

1960-2010: Age of Post Colonialism

by Khan Academy

Age of post colonialism videos, 1960-2010.

1907-1960: Age of Global Confict

by Khan Academy

Videos on age of global conflict between 1907-1960.

1848-1907: Industrial Revolution II

by Khan Academy

Videos on the industrial revolution II era between 1848-1907.

1800-1848: Industrial Revolution I

by Khan Academy

Videos on the industrial revolution I era between 1800-1848.

1400-1500: Renaissance in Italy and the North

by Khan Academy

Renaissance in Italy and the north between 1400 and 1500.

400-1400: Medieval Era

by Khan Academy

Medieval era videos, 400-1400.

-400 C.E: Ancient Cultures

by Khan Academy

It is difficult to imagine what life was like five thousand years ago, when writing first emerged in Ancient Mesopotamia (in what is today Iraq). While it is tempting to imagine that the people who lived then were different from us in every way, our experiences were in some ways similar. Perhaps it is most accurate to say that our experiences may have been different, but our reactions to those experiences are often exactly the same.