Lecture 1 -
The Moral Side of Murder

Part 1 - The Moral Side of Murder: If you had to choose between (1) killing one person to save the lives of five others and (2) doing nothing, even though you knew that five people would die right before your eyes if you did nothing—what would you do? What would be the right thing to do? That’s the hypothetical scenario Professor Michael Sandel uses to launch his course on moral reasoning.Part 2 - The Case for Cannibalism: Sandel introduces the principles of utilitarian philosopher, Jeremy Bentham, with a famous nineteenth century law case involving a shipwrecked crew of four. After nineteen days lost at sea, the captain decides to kill the cabin boy, the weakest amongst them, so they can feed on his blood and body to survive.


Wow! This is really great! I really like this and also I learned a lot.

I wish I were 20 again. Missing out on such quality education-what a loss for so many of us in life. We all, now, have access vicariously (almost) to a "Harvard" or "Yale" quality educator. This is an incredible experience. I'm grateful.

It was a wonderful session, i have learnt a lot, i can't imagine my feeling towards such a high quality lecture with full of real cases of examples.

This is really helpful, thanks.

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